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By Barnier French quality confectioner
French gourmet confectionery Philosophy
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proposing old fashioned sweets with a strong social impact.
We want to gather every good French quality sweets in one marketplace.
We want you to be able to buy quality candy without being obliged to travel
all around France to find all the traditional French sweets.
Confiseurs et fabriquant de bonbon

We want to organise a sweet shop which proposes old fashioned confectionery from typical producers: We want to link the global to the local creating links between amateurs all around the world and producers of good quality sweet such as liquorice, hard candy, fruit salad sweets … A place where everyone can both take advantage of best quality and natural products and take care of their businesses. We work in a spirit of friendliness and sharing.

We are looking for authenticity and taste. It is necessary that products really make us happy when tasting them. All confectioneries are experienced. Only greedy sweets are selected and validated by the team of Frenchgourmetconfectionery. We offer natural sweets made with fruit, honey, liquorice ... If you wish you can make an online purchase of bio candy. Old fashioned French confectioners who work with us are all in search of quality, innovation and respect for the environment.

  • Good reasons for
    trusting frenchgourmetconfectionery
  • 1 - natural ingrédient for all our sweet
    2 - compostablepackaging
    3 - Artisanal and high-qualitative manufacturing process from our confectioners
    4 - Secure payment and expedition in 24/48 hours delivery service
It's always good to know

“What's in a name. That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
William Shakespeare