List of products by supplier: Cruzilles Maître Confiseur


French Cruzilles confectionery is a specialist of the treatment of fruits. Also it is a real confectionery in the truest etymological sense.

The main feature of this firm is the constantly quest for the quality, creativity and innovation. And it all begins with the selection of raw material.

Working fruit is an old tradition in Clermont-Ferrand capital of Auvergne. The main reason is an important local and high quality fruit production. Some documents trace this activity since the XV° century. In this old time the confectioners from Clermont sold their products to Paris capital of the French Kingdom. The XIX° is a peak for this luxury food activity. Now, Cruzilles is the last producer in Clermont-Ferrand; and we predict it will continue this adventure due to obsession for quality which is none other than an obsession for its clients satisfaction.