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In the historical recipe from Lorraine, the sugar to which water and glucose syrup are added is cooked at about 150°C. At the end of cooking, add a few drops of natural Bergamot essence. The essence of Bergamot gives to the candy this original perfume and its beautiful amber color.

Bergamot is a fruit that is similar to lemon. Its Latin name is also Citrus Bergamia. For a long time the essence of Bergamot has been reserved for pharmacy and perfumery. She gives her characteristic fragrance to Earl Gray tea.

Each candy is individually wrapped, which is particularly convenient and suitable to make them available to everyone even without candy box.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, bergamot essential oil.

Confectionery 100% made in France.
Without palm oil.
Guarantee: Without palm oil, paraben, silicone, paraffin or PEG, without coloring or synthetic perfume and without GMO.

Origin: France

Storage: In a dry place away from light

Best before date: See label on packaging

A few words about History: The origin of the bergamot tree, which produces bergamot, is poorly known and some make the connection with the ancient city of Pergamum today in Turkey. Others think it would be a cross between a lemon tree and a bitter orange or even a Lime hybrid. Today this tree is found mainly in southern Italy in the region of Calabria. It would be the King of Poland and Duke of Lorraine, Stanislas Leszcynski, known as Stanislaus the Beneficent, who would have introduced to the court of Lorraine essential oil of bergamot whose perfumes had been in vogue in the Polish court for a long time. Its chef, Joseph Gilliers, uses this essence for making flavored pastilles. But the candy, as we know it now, was developed by a certain Jean Lillich in 1825. This confectioner craft will settle in Nancy where he will marry a Lorraine: Rosalie Bournique. This delicacy gained a fast reputation and the production was relayed by the other local confectioners thus making this candy a regional specialty. The Bergamot de Lorraine really won in the late nineteenth century.


Entreprise traditionnelle, artisanale et familiale, la « Maison Barnier » défend toujours son identité depuis 1885.

Située à Rouen, c'est une confiserie qui ne produit pas de bonbons mais qui les cuisine. Voilà la grande différence ! 

Si Barnier défend la tradition de la qualité c’est une aussi une entreprise qui a créé des confiseries qui connaissent aujourd’hui un très grand succès : les premiers bonbons fourrés enveloppés et les mini bonbons. Barnier utilise toujours des matières premières de qualité, refuse le processus industriel, la chimie au profit de fruits, de plantes, d’arômes d’origine naturelle pour assurer une production de qualité respectueuse de la santé de ses clients. Cette intransigeance sur les sujets de qualité garantie goût et santé

françois M

Merveilleux (04/09/2018)

craquant et puissant, ce bonbons ancien est puissant.

Sophie C

Un délice (03/23/2018)

une vraie découverte, moi qui adore le goût du citron bergamote. Je recommande !

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Old-fashioned bergamot individually wrapped

Old-fashioned bergamot individually wrapped

Bag of 150g of delicate bergamots individually wrapped. A candy weighs approx 6 grams.

  • Ideal to make available 
  • Hand-made retro sweet
  • To discover or to rediscover

100% made in France

Old-fashioned bergamot individually wrapped

Bonbons Barnier

Bag of 150g of delicate bergamots individually wrapped. A candy weighs approx 6 grams.

  • Ideal to make available 
  • Hand-made retro sweet
  • To discover or to rediscover

100% made in France

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“je vous ai apporté des bonbons, parce que les fleurs c'est périssable
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Jacques Brel