Wedding Ideas & Candy

1. My French style of Candy Bar

2. The gift for my guests

3. My table decoration

How do we do?

Select and compose your assortment of sweets
for your wedding and personnalize it!

1. I choose my flavors
I identify candies according to their size, color, texture, and I retain what I like!
2. I personnalize my jar
I select my bottle according to what I'm going to do with my candies and especially their size!
3. I validate text and sticker

I send my project for costing and possible advice from the frenchgourmetconfectionery team!

Would you need advice?


You will offer candies at the wedding. You have to pay attention to color schemes, flavors, stories, presentations. It will be original. The first question to be decided is: what story do the married people (their families?) would like to tell? What are the messages to give? It is advisable to have a theme for the party: bohemian, chic-chic, countryside, geek, classic, 50s, country or futuristic, whatever. This theme must resemble you and it must gather all the guests. The grooms thus sign their "creation". Then we decline the theme to sweets ensuring the consistency of the whole: place, decoration, dress, etc ... And dare to assert its theme: for example if on the details-chic, dare to plant in a vote straw panels of the dance floor.

In any case there is no bad taste,
but there may be faults of taste.


If there is a religious party we can imagine loading children with baskets filled with small candies that will be distributed at the end of the ceremony. Confectionery can go with the lunch. They are used in gourmet buffet table decor. We will pay attention to colors, flavors, and presentation. We will have to think about beverage agreements and sweetmeat. During the meal we can put on the table sachets of confectionery goig with a word to thank the guests for their presence. Finally, it could be a candy with coffee. According to the theme we will offer fruit paste or violet candy. We may want to make a wink to its region of origin by replacing the traditional piece of chocolate or almond stuffed with a brick of Marly for northerners or a small square of vanilla paste with licorice for those of South. But do not forget the candy bar! Plan it the well filled and full of colors!

I'm going to do my shopping on the online candy store in order to
find the best sweets for my chic wedding!

Last testimony

"We got married in Dieppe and the Normandy confectionery sachet composed

with the help of the Sucreetfruit team was appreciated by all the guests for its originality and quality. Some are still asking for more!"
Boris and Rihannon wedding

Barley sugar

Did i think about...

We never know something could be missing!